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Lincoln Tamayo shares impact stories from Academy Prep of Tampa

Lincoln Tamayo, as always, inspired us with success stories of students from Academy Prep -- all who have continued on their paths to high school, college, and beyond, and have bright futures in front of them -- thanks in great part to the educational and social foundation provided to them during their middle school years at Academy Prep.  Lincoln reminded us of the role Womenade has played in helping students in need... from providing funding for eyeglasses and shoes, to funding funeral expenses and other servies needed in other tragic situations.   Lincoln reminded us that we are all welcome at the school ANYTIME!  For anyone interested in learning more about the school, there are monthly "Prep Talks" to attend.  Prep Talks are held at lunchtime, and provide an opportunity to take a tour of the school, meet with some faculty and students, and learn more about the school, and the ways you can get involved.  For more information, visit the Academy Prep website, or contact the school at (813)248-5600.   Thank you, Lincoln, for being so passionate about your school and its students!

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