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Moving Presentation by Womenade Partners

In January, 2023, representatives of St. Joseph's Hospital's Chronic Complex Clinic spoke to Womenade members about the important work their Clinic does for the 600+ families they support. These are families in our greater Tampa community who have one or more children with significant and chronic health issues. Their services include much-needed medical care as well as important social services such as school advocacy. Our members were moved to hear the stories of how their donations have helped these families overcome financial and emotional challenges. Womenade funds provided need-appropriate toys for the children at holiday time, and have also helped several families with utility bills and other expenses when financial crisis

were looming. St. Joseph's Hospital's Chronic Complex Clinic provides such important services in our community - we at Womenade of Tampa are proud to know that we have been able to help the Clinic and its families in so many important ways.

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