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Mr. Sunshine!

Womenade worked with Seniors in Service to help, "Mr. Sunshine", as Seniors in Service lovingly calls him! Mr. Sunshine is a veteran with a contagious smile and a treasured fire engine red 1999 Mustang! In the past year, he finished his education, moved out of temporary veteran's housing, and established himself by holding down a job and moving into his own apartment. For weeks this past summer, "Mr. Sunshine" had been walking in the sweltering Florida heat to his job at the James Haley VA Hospital, because the battery in his car had died. When members of the Seniors in Service: Veterans Connect program found out about his car battery, they reached out to Womenade, and within 24 hours, Womenade funded the cost of a new car battery, and Mr. Sunshine was back on the road, smiling in the driver's seat of his mustang!

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