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Next Gathering: October 22!

COUNTDOWN to our next Womenade of Tampa event on Tuesday, Oct. 22nd! Celebrating our 5th year helping people as they travel their difficult roads to self-sufficiency. WOMEN ARE TALKING...JOIN THE CONVERSATION!

Since our last event, and with the help of our generous donors, Womenade has helped at least 15 families in Tampa who were in urgent need of assistance... for example, we helped in the following ways:

- helped a young mother pay for re-certification as a Patient Care Tech. Through the help of Metropolitan Ministries' First Hug program, this mom is making great strides toward self-sufficiency, but just needed a little extra help to meet all of her financial demands. - assisted a mother and her disabled son pay an overdue water bill. Mom and son had moved to escape horrible sexual assault, but couldn't afford the cost of the move and the regular monthly bills. - helped a family with a car repair when they couldn't afford it. Without their car, they couldn't get to their jobs or get their child to daycare. - helped to purchase a new laptop to enable a young mom to finish a course in computer programming. Finishing the course will help her land a new, better paying job, so she can ultimately move out of the homeless shelter.

Check us out at Or email for more information on how you can join this growing grass-roots organization.

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