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How our members are ....simply giving back

Womenade of Tampa continues to help those less fortunate in our community. Just this month, with the help our or members’ generous contributions, Womenade of Tampa has...

... helped a victim of domestic violence stay in her home while receiving home care to heal from her multiple stab wounds. Unable to work during her recovery, Womenade stepped in to assist with her housing expenses.

...helped an Academy Prep family who had faced an unexpected financial hardship soon after one of their sons was admitted to college. Womenade was able to relieve this family’s urgent need, so that mom could stay in her apartment, and son could stay on course to start college in the fall.

...helped a family whose apartment was destroyed by a lightning strike. While the Red Cross was there to help with clothes and toiletries, Womenade, in its unique quiet way, purchased a Walmart gift card so that the family could purchase exactly what they needed to gain a sense of recovery and normalcy.

These stories continue all year long...they don’t take a break for summer... our next Womenade Giving Gathering isn’t until September... message us if you would like to attend or be on the mailing list.

100% of our members’/friends’ contributions are spent in direct aid to victims of hardship. The Womenade of Tampa Board members personally cover all administrative fees.

Thank you!

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