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Summertime! Living is not so easy for some...

As the song goes....”Summertime, and the livin’ is easy...” Not so for everyone.

There are people everywhere who are struggling to make ends meet...Womenade of Tampa doesn’t take a break in the summer... we are still helping people in the Tampa area, thanks to the generous donations of our members.

Already this summer, the organization has helped in the following ways!

  • Helped a client of the Crisis Center pay her TECO bill when a traumatic event occurred and she lost her job. She soon found another job, but in between, just needed a little help.

  • Helped several clients of Metropolitan Ministries, including two moms who decided to go back to school to better their circumstances. Also supported a woman trying hard to turn her life around. She is the sole bread-winner of her family of five. Without her car, she couldn’t get to her job, which requires her to travel throughout the state of Florida. She paid for the majority of the repairs. A grant from Womenade helped her pay the remaining balance.

  • Helped an Academy Prep family, whose father fell ill and landed in the ICU. Mom was left juggling three kids, a job, and too many bills to manage with now just one paycheck. Womenade helped her with a car payment, to help ease her load, and her worries.

We are helping our Partner Agencies help their clients, throughout the year! Womenade of Tampa members are proud to be ... SIMPLY GIVING BACK!!

Womenade leaders greet members at the May meeting.

Members, mark your calendars for our 5th year Anniversary Event, Tuesday evening, Oct. 22!! You won’t want to miss it!! Watch your email for more information.

Interested in becoming a member? Send an email message to

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